The innovative e-learning program for piano

Helene Hiner made it to bring piano learning to a very natural level using computer technology. With this innovative software kids learn reading music instantly like a game! My 2-year-old daughter here:

Actually the software exists in english, spanish, russian, polish

If you already have a keyboard with MIDI connection you can begin with it. I highly recommend to get an instrument with a grand piano action as YAMAHA N1 oder N2 oder N3 (clic on names for details!)!

To understand the difference between GRAND and upright piano action click here:
A normal electronical keyboard does NOT have such an action.

Subscription-Type Costs conditions price in €
Monthly subscription 49 $/Monat monthly cancellation ca.
45 €/
1-year-subscription 599 $/year 1-payment/year ca.
49,90 €/
3-year-subscription 1300 $/
3 years
3-year payment
in advance
31.99 €/
MIDI-Interface Neusonic 16,90 + Versand
Manual in English
SoftMozart-Manual-EN  FREE download
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F1-DE-key-shortcuts-SoftMozart-DE.pdf  FREE download
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