You can receive piano teachings —as well online as a lesson over Skype–(indications of connecting and scheduling after payment) as in different locations as a week-end workshop several times a year or permanently or even a private intensive (post-graduate!)LIVE-FROM-MUSIC-study at the location of CCC with weekly teaching.

The studies are done at my adress (see information in base line at left).

Pianists who have already passed a piano diploma can book an INTENSIVE study unit about European Music Culture
and wil be “initiated” in the inheritage of the line from Franz Liszt (Liszt – Krause – Edwin Fischer – Conrad Hansen – Ellenberger)
You can use practising instruments practically all around the clock

For asian students there is the special motto: Be SAMURAI of PIANO!

Since the teachings are one to one ANY level can be taught.
And you get best advice in the purchase of your piano by Wolfgang Ellenberger
who has international connections to dealers of ALL brands.
(your instrument is VERY relevant for your success),

So everybody can please his needs in an individual way.

Classes in different locations:
Vienna: unique location with Mozart house and cultural metropole
Heidelberg: UNIQUE teaching concept
London: Bluthner Studios

mail me if you need to know something.